The birth of 13 Eastern quoll joeys in the Barrington Tops – the first born in the region in 60 years – has given wildlife restoration efforts new hope in bringing the endangered species back from the brink.

A population of 28 quolls was initially reintroduced to the Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary by Aussie Ark in 2020.

The nocturnal marsupials went extinct in the wild across Australia in 1963 because of invasive predators such as foxes and feral cats.

More than 100 joeys have been born as part of Aussie Ark’s breeding program across the country.

Aussie Ark Ranger Max Jackson says the quolls are thriving in the wild and have even been spotting sunbaking.

“The birth of these lucky 13 joeys, proves that the Eastern quolls are healthy enough to raise young in the wild, without any intervention from us, which is our ultimate goal,” Mr Jackson said.

“Hopefully, this is the beginning of a robust and thriving population of Eastern quolls in the Barrington Tops.”