Funding is now rolling in for the Stockton Beach erosion crisis.

In a 50:50 split, the state government and Newcastle City Council will contribute almost $148,000 each to a total of $295,000 for the management of local coastline.

The funding announcement comes after Council’s Coastal Zone Management Plan was approved last week.

The plan’s approval means Council is also eligible to apply for further funding from the government’s $83.6 million Coastal and Estuary Grant program.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, Scot MacDonald, says it will be money well-spent.

“That will assist Newcastle City Council to now apply for significant funding out of the state government’s coastal zone management fund, which will help them do some of the significant works they’re considering around Stockton and across their LGA’s,” Scot MacDonald said.

“So, a good breakthrough.”

Image: The Herald