Work currently underway along Hillsborough Road in Warner’s Bay now has a date set to be completed, by late June.

Around $4 million has been allocated to complete the upgrades over the next few months, with the aim to improve pedestrian safety around the area.

The changes are long overdue after the fatal accident involving young school-girl, Jade Frith, in 2016 resulting in her death.

Suspected plans will see a new set of traffic lights near the current main round-about along the road, with the induction of wider footpaths and installation of extra traffic lanes.

Member for Charlestown, Jodie Harrison, is expressing her concern for traffic congestion through each connecting road of the main round-about, causing driver frustration.

“There’s also the issue of traffic congestion along Hillsborough Road. This pedestrian safety measure does not account for traffic build-up”, she says.

“I’m really hoping, that in the future, there will be a set of traffic lights replacing what is currently the round-about”.

The work will provide safer crossing measures for the general public, to prevent accidents of all calibres around the busy area.

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