It’s one of the worst droughts parts of Australia have ever seen and the Hunter is no exception, with many farmers in the region struggling to continue with their livelihood.

But a silver lining has shown through in these dry times, with the community getting behind the ‘Buy a bale’ campaign.

A farm in Glen Oak has received the first bale of hay from the campaign for the Hunter and there’s plenty more to come.

The campaign is being supported by the Rural Aid charity as well as local newspapers throughout the Hunter and raised over $20,000 during the first two days.

The donations of hay to the Glen Oak farm was a welcome gift for farmer Norman Stork and his hungry cows, but many farmers still need support during this dry spell.

Parliamentary secretary for the Hunter Scot Macdonald met with the Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair and Member for the Upper Hunter Michael Johnson to show them the severity of the drought in the Hunter.

“The pastures are in a very dire state”, Mr Macdonald said.

“Great to have the Mr Blair and Mr Johnson here and showing them the effect the drought has had in the Hunter”.

Mr Macdonald is confident seeing the drought first hand will result in Mr Blair taking the issue to parliament and sending more support to struggling farmers.

Hay being delivered to Glen Oak

Photo source; The Maitland Mercury