The NSW Environmental Protection Authority has fined AGL Macquarie $15,000 over an alleged water pollution offence at its Bayswater Power Station at Muswellbrook.

A fly ash slurry discharge into the Bayswater creek occurred after a leak in a pipeline at the station.

An investigation into the leak identified that a hole had developed in the ash transfer pipeline on April 5th 2021.

The material was cleaned up after contractors noticed a drop in flow rate from the fly ash pipeline.

EPA Director Regulatory Operations North Adam Gilligan said the incident had the potential to cause environmental harm.

“Fly ash slurry deposited over vegetation and settled out in Bayswater Creek which was running at the time following rain.

“This incident was similar, but smaller in scale, to an event in 2019 for which AGL Macquarie has entered into an enforceable undertaking.”

The 2019 incident saw 1,440 cubic metres of hazardous coal-ash sludge released into the Bayswater Creek.

The enforceable undertaking requires AGL Macquarie to continue to assess, monitor and eventually replace the aging pipeline.

Pictured: Bayswater Power Station. Image Supplied.