The Civic Theatre is tomorrow inviting Hunter school students to listen to a series of powerful stories from World War II veteran Alf Carpenter. 

The veteran’s stories will be featured as part of the 65th annual Newcastle and Hunter Combined Schools ANZAC Commemorative Event.

Artistic Director Michelle Gosper says that the unique event will be beneficial viewing for local school students.

The traditional aspects of an ANZAC day service will be explained so that students can gain an understanding and appreciation of the rituals’ significance. 

“Young people need to be reminded why we celebrate ANZAC Day and what it means to serve, to preserve peace in this world,” says Ms Gosper. 

Alf Carpenter embodies these values, having served in many of the major conflict zones in World War II, facing Italians, Germans and Japanese in battle areas in North Africa and the Middle East, Northern Greece and Darwin. 

The story will celebrate many of the hats Alf has worn since serving in the war; as an entrepreneur, surf life saver, psychologist, marathon runner, professional hypnotist and Tai-Chi official, all which weave into his powerful and unique story. 

The interactive narrative will take place at 10am and 1pm and feature feature singers, musicians, and students performing from Catholic Schools Performing Arts program, ASPIRE.