Hunter Workers are protesting outside of Harvey Norman Kotara at 12pm today in response to the submissions opposing a minimum wage increase. 

Gerry Harvey, CEO of Harvey Norman, has been a vocal opponent of a minimum wage rise despite his company’s profits more than doubled during 2020. 

The Fair Work Commission is expected to make a decision concerning the annual minimum wage review in early to mid-June. 

Hunter Workers supports the Australian Council of Trades Union urging the Fair Work Commission to increase minimum wage by 3.5% for Australian workers. This increase would offer a much-needed boost from the record low wage growth over the last 8 years. 

“Wages have been stagnant for some time now,” says Hunter Workers Secretary, Leigh Shears. “There’s a significant gap between the increase in the cost of living and peoples pay bracket.”

Hunter Workers have campaigned to improve the lives, wage, working conditions and social services for all workers and their families within these communities. 

A significant minimum wage rise would come as a great relief to Hunter Workers who have been impacted by increased cost of living fueled by housing and rental market shortages. 

“It’s going to be a domestic recovery,” says Shear. “The economy cannot recover if our workers do not have money to spend.”

Since JobKeeper was cut it is estimated there has been a 70% increase of Hunter people living in housing stress. Hunter Workers will continue to campaign for the things that matter for all workers across the region.