Local residents and their pets can expect to see improvements to the popular off-leash area at Islington Park in the coming months. 

Deputy Lord Mayor, Declan Clausen announced the project today and says the upgrades to the park will ensure the safety of Newcastle’s dogs and their owners, while also making the park a more usable space. 

The planned work includes improvements to fencing, the addition of seating, shade, landscaping, dog drinking water facilities, garbage bins and new park signage.

Mr Clausen says the demand for such a space is certainly prevalent in Newcastle.

“We know that there are almost 100,00 dogs in Newcastle and we know that there is the desire to have really safe, fully-fenced off-leash areas. 

This upgrade will come in addition to the number of off-leash parks we have in Newcastle already such as the very popular North Lambton dog park that we opened in 2019. So this will be a really welcome addition, making it such safer for dogs and their owners.”

Work on the proposed upgrade will begin at the end of May, with the expectation that it will be finished by the end of June.