Federal Member for Newcastle Sharon Claydon says if elected, a Labor Government will provide $1.2 million in funding for domestic violence victims in Newcastle. 

The announcement comes in response to calls from the sector over many years for the Federal Government to invest in crisis accommodation and frontline workers. 

It is expected the investment into crisis accommodation will help to house as many as 108 women and children in the region. 

In addition to the large sum, Labor has also said it will fund the employment of an additional ten frontline workers to support people who are facing domestic violence. It is expected these workers will help support over 800 victims. 

Sharon Claydon said the affects of the pandemic has meant both victims and the family and domestic violence sector in Newcastle are at breaking point. 

“It is unforgivable that we would allow women and children to be rendered homeless, whether they are couch-surfing, sleeping in the back of their cars, out on the streets, or indeed returning to the perpetrator of violence because they cannot find safe accommodation in which to seek refuge,” Ms Claydon said. 

She also claims the Liberal Government has been providing the sector with insufficient funding for nearly a decade. 

“Survivors are strong, resilient and remarkable people but they do deserve help to rebuild their lives and sadly, after almost a decade of Liberal Governments at a national level, there has been just zero leadership on this issue,” she said. “I deeply regret that they have waited ten years to receive nothing to date.”

Ms Claydon said there have been ample opportunities for the Federal Government to bring about lasting reforms for women in the home and workplace. 

Labor says it will tackle the scourge of domestic violence with the appropriate urgency. 

“If a Labor Government is elected on May 21st, there will be relief coming,” Ms Claydon said.