Labor launched their “Fair Go for Renters” petition this week, in order to push the government into action and bring on a debate within Parliament to make changes to laws involving renters within the Hunter region.

Shadow Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation and Swansea MP Yasmin Catley believes:

“This petition will bring the debate right into Parliament- and force the Government to say whether it supports fairer rules for renters.”

One of the major problems within renters and landlords is the “No Grounds” provisions, which allows landlords to evict tenants without giving any reason.

With Newcastle’s percentage of renters alone sitting at 39.9 percent, the housing market becoming less and less affordable, tenants are scared of bringing up issues with landlords due to the risk of eviction.

“People shouldn’t be scared to point out a broken window or a leaking tap just in case the landlord decides to turf them out,” said Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp.

Labor is willing to work with both landlords and tenants, to come up with a fairer alternative to “No Grounds” provisions.

Yasmin Catley and Tim Crackenthorp Launch The Fair Go For Renters Petition