An Awaba Waste facility has been fined $8,000 for alleged offensive odours.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority says it received a number of complaints from nearby residents and neighbours about a nauseating smell from the Remondis Australia facility at Awaba on April 14 and 15, 2021.

EPA officers who attended the site immediately detected strong putrid odours which were traced to a stockpile of composting material.

The officers identified that aerators being used to dry out compost following intense rain were discharging putrid air, which was travelling to the nearby community.

EPA Director Regulatory Operations Adam Gilligan said it was unacceptable for the community to be
impacted by odours.

“People reported feeling nauseous from the overpowering odour.

“Residents should not have to endure smells that make them feel ill.

“We don’t want to see residents unable to enjoy their homes and gardens.

“The EPA is aware of how this incident affected the surrounding community – every complaint made to
our Environment Line is logged and looked into.

“It is an offence for any licenced facility to emit offensive odours to the surrounding community and that is why the EPA has issued this fine,” Mr Gilligan said.

Remondis co-operated with the EPA investigation and made changes to the way operations are carried
out at the facility, particularly following extreme wet weather.

Aeration equipment is now only used by Remondis during the day and in certain wind conditions, rather than at night when the atmosphere is still, which can cause odours to linger.