A man found hiding in the air-conditioning vent of a bulk carrier in Newcastle is due to face a Sydney court today (Wednesday 24 June, 2020) accused of attempting to flee the country on a yacht.

The bulk carrier came to the assistance of the yacht after it got into trouble off the coast of Yamba on Saturday.

A 31-year-old man was taken on board the carrier and the yacht towed to Newcastle, however the man was reported missing when the ship arrived in port on Saturday night and the tow line had snapped and the yacht lost at sea.

Police and Border Force officers mounted an extensive search and the man was eventually found on Monday morning.

He’s wanted for breach of bail over an alleged sexual assault.

Police say a search of the man on board the carrier uncovered $4,435 in cash and a knife.

Police will allege in court the man deliberately cut the tow line and planned to hide onboard the ship until it was due to depart Newcastle for Malaysia.

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