We’re being warned to cover up and take precautions with mosquito numbers on the rise around Newcastle.

Recent heavy rain and kings tides have combed to create what authorities are describing as a perfect storm for mosquito breeding conditions.

Dr David Durrheim for Hunter New England health, warns of the viruses these salt marsh mosquitos bring.

“Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses are transmitted salt marsh mosquitos and freshwater mosquitos…and they cause a flu-like illness, severe muscle ache, headaches, skin rash potentially but also the most prominent feature which is joint pain.”

Mosquito numbers are expected to peak by Easter, with Hexham, Callaghan, Shortland, Blackbutt Reserve and Carrington the hotspots.

However, things should improve by the end of April when it becomes too cold for mozzies to breed.

In the meantime, Dr Durrheim is urging us to cover up and use insect repellent when outdoors.

“The ideal measures are mechanical ones by wearing long-sleeved shirts or trousers and using chemical repellent particularly that contains Deet,” he says.

Mosquito Numbers On The Rise Around Newcastle