Muswellbrook Hospital is receiving some love in the form of a $32 million commitment from State Labor, promising to complete stage 2 of it’s redevelopment, should they be elected in 2023.

Labor Leader Jodi Mckay and Shadow Health Minister Ryan Park, joined Upper Hunter candidate Jeff Drayton on Monday to announce the funding. 

Under the new plans, the hospital will be upgraded with a new general ward on the lower ground floor, added maternity services, central sterilising and an operating theatre. 

Currently the hospital reportedly has a surgical ward but no accompanying operating theatre. 

The NSW Government completed a $21.5 million stage two of the redevelopment in June 2019, at a cost of $21.5 million, which has been labelled a “stuff up by” the opposition. 

Jodi Mckay says the so-called completed redevelopment is a slap in the face for the Upper Hunter community.

“A community the size of Muswellbrook that contributes so much funding to the states economy really does deserve a good quality healthcare system.”

“This has been an issue that has been around for a really long time. We know that rural health has been left behind. It depends on where your postcode is as to the level of help you receive.”

“In Muswellbrook there has certainly been a lack of funding and lack of will to actually improve the healthcare services,” Ms Mckay said.

Upper Hunter Candidate Jeff Drayton says the region does a lot of the heavy lifting for the state and its high time they got something out if it. 

“We send nearly a billion dollars down the freeway a year and receive very little in return,” Mr Drayton said. 

Concept plans of the NSW Governments upgrades
to Muswellbrook Hospital completed in 2019.
Source: NSWHealth