Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp is calling on the NSW Government to give a clear definition of where the region stands as a city when it comes to applying for sports infrastructure funding.

The NSW Office of Sport says funding for the Regional fund is available for projects in all 92 regional local government areas, under which Newcastle is not included.

Eligibility for the Greater Sydney Sports Facilities fund includes the 33 local government authorities in Greater Sydney, which also does not include Newcastle.

Mr Crackanthorp described the issue as “an absolute joke.”

“Nearly every other local government area in the state is included in either the Sports Infrastructure Fund or the Greater Sydney Sports Facilities fund which is a total of $300 million. But, Newcastle and Wollongong have been left out of that.

“It shows the governments complete contempt for Newcastle by putting it in the Abyss between Metropolitan and Regional definitions, excluding us from all funding options,” Mr Crakanthorp said.

Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp.