Newcastle will be the first city outside of North America to host the Next City Vanguard Conference after they were granted the rights thanks to strong lobbying from local council and UrbanGrowth NSW.

Next City Vanguard is an annual conference for the best and brightest minds in regards to urban planning to improve cities across its sectors including urban planning, development, transport and sustainability.

Government Industry Relations Officer for UrbanGrowth NSW, Matt Endacott believes as a proud Novocastrian, the benefits for the city are easily identified.

“I think bringing (the Vanguard) to Newcastle to learn about out city will mean that we will be part of an international conversation about the future of cities”, Matt Endacott said.

He added, “This is the perfect moment to show the incredible journey Newcastle has had over the past few years”.

The Conference will take place between the 6th and 10th of November later this year and aims to have 50 of the best and brightest minds from Australia, New Zealand and America attend.

Novocastrians are encouraged to apply and be a part of the conversation to help improve the city.

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Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelms and Michael Cassel talk with an UrbanGrowth Representative