A Motion of Notice has been moved today by Wallsend MP Sonia Hornery, calling the NSW Education Minister to show support and recognition for local teachers. 

Some of the main aspects of this motion are the need for adequate staffing levels, an increased salary and a bigger focus on expertise and knowledge for teaching their students. 

The statewide shortage of teachers in the public sector has seen around 1250 jobs left unfilled with casual and part-time teachers filling the roles of which they aren’t properly trained. 

This happening across both primary and secondary schools as well as special education schools. 

Ms Hornery who met with local school teachers of the area has heard concerns of the increasing demands put on teachers with the jobs becoming increasingly difficult while the salaries of teachers continues to fall in comparison to other occupations. 

“I am calling on the Minister to ensure there is an appropriate increase in salaries that recognises the higher skills and expertise of teachers and makes salaries more competitive with other professions…”

“The Minister needs to invest in our teachers because it is an investment in our students,” said Ms Hornery.