A Stockton social housing resident has been handed an eviction from the Department of Communities and Justice who have deemed the home uninhabitable.

The home has improper waterproofing work and mould, but Tammy Smith, who has lived at the property for 25-years says she has sought repairs since 2017 which were either delayed or unsatisfactorily completed.

“They just keep coming out and taking photos saying yes its going to be fixed but nothing seems to get done.

“They’ve sold many homes. What are they doing with the money? There must be money there for us to have our homes fixed.

“I’d just really like to stay in my home. I have a child who is a man now who has autism and he has been here since he was one and a half years old. This is our home,” Ms Smith said.

The eviction notice follows the sale of three other properties which have been sold in Stockton for over $900,000 each.

Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp is criticising the decision to evict Ms Smith and is accusing the government of deliberately running social housing homes into the ground in order to flog them off.

“We are in a housing crisis, and there is now a minimum five year wait for a social housing property in Newcastle.

“Run it down then flog it off where the land value is the highest has become the MO for this government in Newcastle.

“This governments treatment of social housing and their own tenants is nothing short of a disgrace,” Mr Crakanthorp said.

Ms Smith says she doesn’t know what’s going to happen with her living situation. She says a representative from the Department of Communities and Justice is meeting with her on Friday.

L-R: Tammy Smith, Tim Crakanthorp, Liz Turner.