There has been growing pressure from the community and local fishers to review the Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park.

There are concerns over the marine park’s management and planning.

During the state election, the park became a heavily discussed issue with representatives from both sides of the government pledging to address the problem.

No reviews, however, have been currently planned.

Stan Konstantaras, president of the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW, says he’s frustrated with the lack of action.

“It was an election promise,” says Mr Konstantaras. “We just want to move forward in this and get some certainty on some outcomes.”

Recreational fishing in the Port Stephens area injects a considerable contribution to the local and economy and Mr Konstantaras says the current situation is halting this.

“That means that potentially, recreational fishers are staying away from the area… the whole thing is up in the air and potentially affecting people’s decision to go to Port Stephens,” he said.

A similar inquiry has already begun in Batemans Marine Park, but Mr Konstantaras says the public wants to see the same in the local area.

Source: Port Stephens Examiner