The NSW State Government has this week, finalised the move to fully privatise disability services previously available across the State and the Hunter.

The full privatisation will restrict the availability of support services for not only those living with a disability but also for their carers.

The State Government has utilised the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as an excuse to shut down all available government-run disability services, with NSW going through with this move alone.

No other state across the country has followed suit in a move to privatise their disability support, fearing the impact it may have on their populations.

Throughout NSW, including the Hunter area, it is approximated that more than 80% of people living with disabilities will not be eligible for NDIS plans anyway.

NSW Labor has recently secured an inquiry into the execution of the NDIS and the provision of support services, with submissions from individuals and support providers now being actively sought after.

Shadow Minister for the Hunter, Kate Washington, says people are suffering and will continue to feel the pressures from the level of support now available.

“Under the heartless Berejiklian-Barilaro Government, there are no safeguards and there is no safety net. The most vulnerable people in our communities are falling through the cracks and there’s no-one to catch them”.

“We’re seeing early intervention services having to close their doors, along with people with complex and profound disabilities are being evicted from their accommodation. This is a situation that is almost in crisis”, she says.

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