Plans for a 450-kilometre gas pipeline through the Hunter has been on the back burner for almost a decade until last week.

The proposed gas line will carry natural gas produced in Narrabri down to Newcastle to be used in the industrial and domestic market.

Although, it seems residents in the surrounding area are unhappy that project which will run just metres away from their properties is one step away from beginning construction.

Managing Director of Hunter Gas Garbis Simonian says the pipeline won’t impact on these residents properties.

“Some people are basically not aware of the facts about the pipeline. This pipeline is underground, it’ll be about 1 and a half metres underground so you won’t see it, it won’t impact people’s use and enjoyment of their land.

“They can crop on the land, they can plant trees, the only thing is you won’t be allowed to build on top of the pipeline”.

Mr Simonian also says in the wake of a potential energy crisis, a decision should be decided on sooner rather than later.

“Also look at the need of the community. There’s a gas crisis, there’s an energy crisis, businesses need gas at a competitive price, otherwise, jobs will be lost and they’ll continue to be lost.

“Australian industry domestic businesses in Newcastle and the Hunter need competitively priced gas as do households”.

Narrabri to Newcastle Pipeline Plan.