Efforts to repair erosion on Jimmys Beach could be causing silt to build up in the Myall River, say community members.

A multi-million dollar sand transfer system was recently activated to nourish the beach, but it’s believed swells are moving sediment back to the river’s mouth.

Sediment and sand bars in the river haven’t been able to clear up since floods in March.

Myall River Action Group spokesman Gordon Grainger says something needs to be done before the channel ends up completely closed.

“The blockage of the natural, eastern channel has serious health deficiencies,” Mr Grainger said. 

“The salinity levels go right down to almost drinking water and it becomes basically lake-like and murky water, and all sorts of unhealthy diseases like blue-green algae and red spot on fish.” 

There’s also concern the blockage could stop boat travel between Port Stephens and Tea Gardens.

Mr Grainger says the council’s next scheduled dredging isn’t soon enough and immediate action needs to be taken to sort out the siltation issue.

“Nature itself is trying to rebuild Myall Point,” Mr Grainger said. 

“If we can assist that by removing a couple of little sand islands that are in the middle of the entrance, that would help, that would get a lot longer life out of it.”

Image credit: http://environment.nsw.gov.au/