A group of arborists have been hit with more than $30,000 in fines for breaching Public Health Orders in the Lake Macquarie area.

Inquiries revealed the group had been canvassing for business in the area on Wednesday and had been travelling to and from Greater Sydney.

It’s alleged the 27-year-old owner of the business obtained a permit to enter Regional NSW based on untrue and inaccurate information, while the 25-year-old co-owner of the business did not have a permit.

Police say other employees did not have a COVID-19 test prior to leaving Greater Sydney as required by the Public Health Order.

As a result, police issued seven men – aged between 25 and 61 – PINs totaling $33,000 for the offences of:

* Leave Greater Sydney for prescribed purposes without a permit

* Fail to comply with noticed direction in relation to s 7/8/9 – COVID-19

* Not comply with requirements for testing – workers leaving Greater Sydney

* Not ensure true and accurate information provided to Service NSW

All seven men were directed to return to their homes in Greater Sydney.

Police say investigations into other reports from the community are ongoing.

A separate investigation is under way after another Sydney company sent tree loppers to the region, going door-to-door looking for work from mid to late August. Several of the workers subsequently tested positive to COVID-19.