Construction around the Maitland and Hunter regions has caused more disruptions and pains than just noise or eyesores.

The litter coming from populated work sites from left-over building materials and general rubbish has been blown all over the Maitland suburbs and is now causing unrest amongst the community.

Complaints from residents have been directed to Maitland City Council for them to address the rubbish exploding onto surrounding properties and main streets.

Member of Maitland Council, Robert Aitchison, is hoping to launch an effective campaign not just locally but Statewide, to push for all useable skip bins on construction sites to be completely covered.

With the tops of the sizeable bins being left open at the end of the day and with seasonal conditions in motion, rubbish is being blown out of the areas and falling into backyards and waterways.

A notice of motion to carry out this campaign will be the height of Tuesday night’s Maitland local council meeting’s agenda, to activate this practice as soon as possible.

Cr Aitchison says he aims to gain support from other environmental organisations to help effectively roll-out the campaign.

“There shouldn’t be any funding required, but we want to try and secure some grants hopefully through the EPA and that’s to go towards all construction sites to have and use skip bins”, he says.

“It’s very difficult to try and enforce the garbage bins, particularly at the moment when you put a DA in, there are regulations about what you do with the rubbish”.

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