Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp is demanding the government get their act together with a transport strategy for the Newcastle 500.

The Supercars race is only four weeks away and the government is yet to release a plan for how 150,000 visitors, as well as residents, will be travelling around the city.

Tim Crakanthorp said Newcastle is already dealing with a terrible transport system, so the sooner a plan is put together the better.

“Keolis Downer has a terrible record of running the buses in the city since they’ve taken over we’re got nothing but problems. The drivers haven’t been being paid properly, we’ve got superannuation issues, we’ve got school children being left on the side of the road. it’s an absolute disgrace.”

Keolis Downer will be faced with a myriad of challenges.

Hunter Street is closed for light rail construction forcing traffic along King Street, Wharf Road will be closed from Argyle Street during the race and racegoers who use the train service will be jumping off at the new Wickham interchange and travelling the remaining distance on a bus, by foot or on a bike.

Tim Crakanthorp said if people come and they can’t get around, they may not ever come back to visit again.

“If they come here and its gridlock, I don’t think they’ll be coming back so we really need this government to get their act together, get this plan, work with Keolis Downer who have a terrible record at this point, and make sure the people of Newcastle can be confident that their beautiful city will be on display and people can actually see the race,”

“Now this minister needs to get very organised for this race because at the moment it’s looking pretty damn difficult and I would say that this government needs to come out very quickly with a very good plan with Keolis Downer,” said Tim Crakanthorp.