Supply chain issues and ongoing wet weather have forced construction to temporarily cease on an intersection in Thornton. 

Upgrades to the Raymond Terrace Road and Government Road intersection can expect to be delayed by several months, pushing completion of the Thornton North intersection upgrade to the end of the year. 

It comes following current high demand from several other infrastructure projects across the Hunter, causing interruptions to the supply of road gravel from local quarries. 

Ongoing wet weather has also contributed not only to construction delays, but supply shortages as well. 

Maitland Council’s Works Manager Ashley Kavanagh says the impacts have been felt across the region. 

“There’s a lot of similar work happening across the Hunter Valley at the moment, and it’s obviously having a knock on effect for all the projects that are currently under construction. 

“We’ve been working with contactors and Transport for NSW to look for alternative methods and suppliers but at this stage none of them have turned up with a different result.” 

He thanks residents and commuters for their patience. 

Image courtesy of Maitland Council