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After a meeting on Tuesday, Singleton Council and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services collectively decided on the route and design of the new bypass through the Singleton area.
With the preferred option now out in the open, the Singleton council are working closely with the State Government to ensure the design incorporates and attends to the needs of the local area.
However, with all route options considered, residents are showing concern to the exact placement of the bypass allegedly crossing through some of their properties.
Mayor of Singleton, Sue Moore says “Council is extremely happy that a decision has been made on the route which will allow this much-needed project to progress”.
“However, there are implications for our residents as well as council in terms of our Local Environment Plan (LEP) and planning strategies”.

“Council will be looking to work with the NSW Government and RMS to ensure the design meets the needs of our community and provides opportunities for our businesses and the economy”, she says.