Bluesnight is Australia’s longest running blues program and is on every Friday at 8pm.

Chris Green along with Jim West, Darren King, John Eaton, Simon Hearn and Ian Phillips give you 3 hours of great blues every week.

Bluesnight in the Greenroom with Chris is normally on the first Friday of the month. The program ranges from traditional blues with new blues – both from Australia and overseas – along with live music and interviews from local artists.

John is usually on the second Friday of the month. John’s program explores blues from the classic country blues era to modern innovators from all over the world drawing on the rich history of the past to create roots & blues that reflects the modern world.

Kingy is on the third Friday.

Simon and Ian are the fourth Friday.

Jim fills in and also presents when there’s a fifth Friday in the month.

Keeping the Blues Alive.

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24 Jun 2022, 11pm

24 Jun 2022, 11pm Bluesnight – 24-June-2022

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