Having travelled her own healing journey, Tori McCarthy brings an intuitive, experiential and wholistic approach to therapy. Hear her inspirational story on this edition of Wellbeing.

I think there’s a huge lacking of awareness of just how much the person that suffering is powerless over their addiction. And yes, we did choose to pick up that first drink or drug, but you don’t choose to be addicted. You know, like that something that happens and for a lot of people that it runs in the family; it’s something that’s in your in your brain. It’s a way to medicate yourself from your feelings of unmanageability of pain, or fear, you know. And it’s the same part of the brain that tells you that you need water and food. [Telling someone to stop would] be like telling somebody don’t drink water when you’re thirsty. That’s how I like to describe it to people because that’s how it feels when you’re in your craving, and you’re wanting to have a drink. You might be so determined – and most alcoholics are – “This is going to be my last one!” – Tori McCarhy

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